High Voltage Shunt Capacitor

High voltage shunt capacitors are used to improve the power factor in power frequency (50 or 60Hz) AC power system.

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AC Filter Capacitor

AC filter capacitor is mainly used together with filter reactor in power system which has harmonics of magnitude. AC filter capacitor can absorb high harmonics and compensate reactive power.

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DC Filter Capacitor

DC filter capacitor is mainly used to absorb the high harmonics and compensate reactive power in DC filter device.

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Impulse Capacitor

Impulse capacitors are widely used as the power energy for the high voltage and high current devices, such as impulse current generator, impulse voltage generator, long duration impulse current generator, repetition impulse generator, oscillation circuit test system, pulse power, etc.

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Grading Capacitor

Grading capacitor is connected in parallel to the HV AC circuit breakers's fracture to ensure the balanced distribution of the voltage and reduce the amplitude of recovery voltage.

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