We have supplied HV test equipment and components to the domestic and international customers, such as Siemens, ABB, Toshiba, Sediver USA, CG India, Alstom, Areva, TBEA, Chint, Tianwei Group, XD group, etc. Our customers benefit a lot from our excellent services and high quality products. We are growing to be one of the largest manufacturers of HV test equipment in China.

August 08,2016

Delivery of 1200kV Impulse Voltage Generator to Reactor Customer

Hvbright delivered 1200kV impulse voltage generator with 900kV chopping gap to HV reactor manufacturer in May, 2016. The pictures shows our engineer installed the system in the customer’s test lab.

August 04,2016

Delivery of 200kV AC Test System to Cable Customer

Hvbright delivered 200kV 1A AC test system to Shandong Taikai cable manufacturer. The pictures shows the test cable and busbar in the customer’s test lab.

May 26,2016

Turkish Customer visited our factory

Turkish customer took a visit to our factory on May 25, 2016. We discussed about the function and operation of 400kV impulse voltage generator. The customer was satisfied with our performance.

August 02,2016

Present in Hannover Messe

Hvbright’s staff visited Hannover Messe during April 24 till 29, 2016. We got some inquiries from European customers and met some old customers.

July 22,2016

Present in Middle East Electricity Dubai

Hvbright's staff visited middle east electricity during March 1 till 3 in Dubai.

July 22,2016

Present in Elecrama India,2016

Hvbright’s staff attended the Elecrama exhibition held in Banglore in Feburary,2016.

July 16,2016

Maintenance of 800kV 0.5A AC Resonant System in India

Hvbright’s engineer successfully did the commissioning of 800kV 0.5A AC Resonant System in Indian Siemens Test lab in March, 2016.

July 11,2016

New Order of Reactor From Europe

Hvbright has won a new order of 3 pcs 17kV compensation reactors from European customer in July. We will deliver it in September.

June 20,2016

New Contract with CG India

Hvbright won the order from CG India to produce the 2000kV load capacitor for their lightning impulse test in July.

June 16,2016

Successful Delivery of PD Test System to Malaysia

Hvbright delivered single channel PD detector and 100kV 1000pF coupling capacitor to Malaysian university in July.

June 13,2016

Successful Delivery of Regulating Transformer to Europe

²Hvbright delivered 500kVA 3 phase induced regulating transformer to European customer in July. The transformer is featured with automatic control and measurement system.

June 11,2016

Successful Delivery of Combination Wave Generator in Spain

HVbright staff installed and commissioned the combination wave generator successfully in Spain SPD customer in June,2016. This product can output 20kV 10kA combination wave and 20kA 8/20μs, which can test Class II and Class III SPDs.

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